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Lebanon is a special land with an exceptional history.

In its early days the people who lived there were called Phoenicians and their history was one of the world's richest legacies.  Ever since the days of the Egyptian pharaohs Lebanon has had a significant impact on world events, even if it chose to let more flamboyant countries have the center stage.

It has a unique physical location in the Middle East which placed it on the only viable north-south land routes in antiquity . . . the coastal channel and the Bekaa Valley.  Traders and armies alike passed through these routes.  From the Bekaa Valley the Lebanon Mountains towered high to the west, then their slopes went down to the Mediterranean seashore.  This left a narrow coastal channel between the sea and the mountains, lined by the main cities.  

To the east of the valley, the Anti-Lebanon Mountains rose to their peaks, then their eastern slopes fell away to the desert.  The great armies of the times, one after another, marched up the coast or through this valley:  Egyptians, Hittites, Syrians, Assyrians, Babylonians, on and on. 

But between these military events in its colorful history, the people of the coastline and the valley found time to live among the forested slopes and raise their families.  They lived in small towns, rural areas and, last but not least, in the cities whose names are recorded by poets, historians and weavers of myths.  They also have their own internationally recognized poet in Khalil Gibran, who was born in Bcharré near the ancient cedar groves.

Much like the long-lived cedars of Lebanon which are the enduring symbol of this country, Lebanon's history is great but it has also experienced much distress.  The cedars were heavily cut down, and only a few groves remain, but efforts by many people are slowly rebuilding them.  It is hoped that they will continue to grow and flourish again in their native land.

Likewise the country itself, wracked by fifteen years of fighting not long ago, has come into a new stage of life.  Efforts by the people of Lebanon are rebuilding and reviving this beautiful country, and are in the process of restoring its luster and life.

With continuing peaceful efforts, all things are possible in this ancient place . . . where the simple facts of its history include many extraordinary people and epic events.

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